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I'm stuck in the palace yard just after I've met the Leader. I cannot go to the left side of the yard because the gate on a tunnel there is in my way (I've closed them in the Ministry of War room at some point, while clicking through security cameras)

The Evan's explanation is that it's too dark inside, so I guees he can't find the leftmost exit (he dosen't want to use the lit candle for some reason)

Also there is a graphical glicth (see the creenshot) near the gate, so it looks like the tile with the closed gate is not supposed to be there at that point of prgoress.

Is there any way to progress that I'm missing?
This question / problem has been solved by Cirdan81image

you don't need to go to the left side of the yard.

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Thanks, for reporting that graphical glitch.

Piotr Sulek
Ministry of Game Design
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