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this issue will be fixed soon with Update #3 (after updating the game you will need to start the New Game to avoid this bug)

But right now, we have a Hotfix solution:

if Evan has disappeared in the left tunnel at the Palace courtyard - you can download this saved game and overwrite your save with this file:

It will restart the Palace courtyard location (just after leaving the prison).
Since I've used that save game to continue my playthrought, although rather unmotivated after the long forced break, I've encountered sound issues. Sometimes the music does not play and only about half of the lines have voice acting.

It sounds like I've hit the bug that ONE mentioned here:

Can you check if the save game you provided as contains such an object.

I've renamed the save game and started a new game – and the problem is gone.
Recap: I played with almost no sound until you talk to Anna in the palace. By that point I was so annoyed that I re-started the game and played up to that point skipping most of the lines, without any sound problems. And then I found out that I was about 7 clicks from the end of the game before I restarted.

And then the game crashed after the “THE END” message.