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First off, I have a dual-monitor Windows 10 setup. I use my smaller monitor as my main Windows 10 monitor (monitor #1), I play games on my second monitor (larger, 2K).

That all said, I want to play Iron Harvest on my second monitor, but all I can manage is 1920x1080 in windowed mode (bordered or borderless). I cannot get the monitor's native 2K (2560x1440) fullscreen. I cannot even get Iron Harvest to recognize there are two monitors.

I have not tried changing the default Windows monitor (e.g. making the 2K the main one) as I do not want to, especially for just one game. I went looking for the settings file to monkey around with it, but did not find anything that gave res/monitor options.

Anyone have any success with a dual-monitor setup, without resorting to changing Windows' default monitor? Does this game even support 2K (or 4K for that matter)?

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Have you looked for a config file that may control this? Or a reg key?
Did you have succes with only your 2K monitor Enabled? or even attachted.
Perhaps it 'll remember the correct resolution after running it Singlemonitor once.