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high rated
I will describe the main problems I have encountered in "Iris and the Giant" with the current
GOG version (37953) incl. a small comparison with "Dicey Dungeons" as while these games
have quite different topics they are both Deckbuilding Card Games and Rouguelites which are preferably
played via Controller (for me at least - and especially if HotSeat Coop is used - which I highly recommend).

I bought "Iris and the Giant" this week and tested it on my AMD GNU/Linux system (still Ubuntu 20.10 based).
There were problems with controls getting stuck in between (my Logitech F310 works perfectly - but
on certain occasions like in pause mode the left analogue stick [LS] does not work at all while
digital pad [DPAD] works, which should have and normally has the same functionality - so these are
just flaws in the code waiting to be fixed). Though I had not considered a refund yet.

But then I tested it with a friend on a different PC - as this game really screams to be played in
`local Co-op hot seat´ mode (similar to "Dicey Dungeons" I bought 6 weeks before) and with
Intel CPU / Nvidia graphics and Mint 19 {based on Ubuntu 18.04} we saw several crashes (all needed
the game process to be killed - not happening with other games!) and a lot more of the problems
concerning LS no longer working - also in battle - while DPAD worked and after DPAD was used LS
worked again ... (in addition to to different HW and GNU/Linux versions we had 2 controllers connected -
which should not make a difference;
"Dicey Dungeons" worked without any flaw on both systems with two controllers connected).

As discussed in another thread all 3 versions (LinWinMac) are stuck on GOG - but currently
at least version is provided, while on Steam the latest Update (after history) is Patch 1.1.4
(fixing critical issues) dated May 18, 2020, so critical fixes got not available on GOG after nearly
1.5 years - is it abandoned on GOG or are the version number / date info not correct?

"Patch 1.1.4
 Posted: Mon, May 18, 2020 @ 3:51 PM CEST
 Fixing critical issues

 - Card unplayable after going in menu with a card selected using gamepad
 - In spirit tracks, being killed by a trap made you lose all your life points
 - Sword regeneration power activated twice
 - Game freezing under certain complex circumstances

 We know there are currently main issues with the game and we're on the road to fixing them.
 Thank you for your understanding!"

But after the announcement cited above it seems that point 1 and 4 are at least related to
the chaotic behavior we have seen under GNU/Linux with the current GOG version.
So the big question is, why Devs and Publisher seem to not care about the state of a really
interesting game - which is from my impression not even in beta state concerning stability.

Additionally while not a problem for stability (at least on Linux) the Unity game engine seems
to be quite old as it starts with the now long gone resolution and keybinding menu of Unity
(AFAIK this Screen Selector was removed with Unity 2019.3).
So while not a priority a refresh of the Unity engine (going to a more recent but fully fixed engine)
may also help general stability, which is not a issue on GNU/Linux since at least 2017 (I own 266 Unity games
and in most of them the version is shown - not in this case, though - and there are normally no stability
problems under Unity when programmers do care for their game), but would be a quality of life improvement.
The game was released on Feb. 2020 and the developers promised to work on fixing the known bugs
(as the Steam announcement for the patch 1.1.4 'fixing critical bugs' clearly states:
 "We know there are currently main issues with the game and we're on the road to fixing them.
   Thank you for your understanding!").

But I really would like to know how Developers and the Publisher could hope for the understanding
if after such a long time GOG customers did not even get that patch let alone further patches which are
not even noted on steam history!

But maybe there is some misunderstanding or lack of correct information involved,
so I will contact Developers and Publisher in the hope that the game will get a properly fixed version
on GOG which is playable without such severe annoyances we had to face in Oct. 2021!
And especially as *this game really deserves it*.

The game has a brilliant graphics style (a matter of taste - but I am tired of pixel graphics
when 8k and 16k is long due and will make FullHD and even 4k look bad soon) which also fits
the topic of the game and the background story well.
The story is about a girl experiencing bullying (or mobbing/cheating/blackmailing), i.e. psychological
or verbal violence - which is all too common these days, unfortunately, and possibly even worse than
physical violence) and the way young people try to cope with it. The story has real depth and is
a nice metaphor for the struggling and need for resilience which became common in schools and generally
in our global society - also fueled by our digital lifestyle.
The game mechanics (when bugs are fixed, of cause) are engaging and fights are interesting and tactical ...
this game would be an absolute recommendation, a 'must buy' for people interested in these kind
of games - if the severe bugs could be addressed.

Currently I am really thinking about getting a refund as this game is not in a state to be comfortably
played - even when purchased on sale - the technical issues can make playing just... annoying.
GOG customers will feel especially disappointed when they realize the most problematic errors are announced
to be fixed with update 1.1.4 (at least possibly) - while they are stuck with ...!

On the other hand the story of "Dicey Dungeons" is more on the lighthearted side, but hidden below
the surface of a gaming show is a story about personified luck - which is not necessary on your side.
But maybe worse, even working against you in unfair ways.
This game is of the same genre (Roguelite Card Game), also used with controllers and suited for HotSeat Coop
and also very tactical and engaging. I have spent more time with it without experiencing such flaws had to
describe above (under both settings). So for me this is a little gem deserving 5 stars.

But as stated above "Iris and the Giant" could be my favorite game if the bugs were fixed - and this does not
seem to be a big deal as the game basically just works - no HW support problem, just some wrong code which
should be easily spotted and fixed. Seeing 3 crashes in 2 hours is something which should not happen in
a full release.
To be fair - all these problems never damaged the savegame, i.e. after killing the process and starting over
I could simply resume the game.
So if you are willing to put up with regularly killing the game process and starting over, it is playable
in it's current state.

We tried easy mode (as it was described as being difficult) and got near the red giant on the first try ...
but then the difficulty took a noticeable leap and we ended the run on the same level two times.
So grinding some special abilities and playing more tactically balanced IS necessary to play through
it even in easy mode.
I think a slowly increasing difficulty curve might me a better choice than this sudden spike - especially
in easy mode.
So a little work on the balancing of the game may be a wise choice - while the difficulty may be just right
for Roguelike enthusiasts, easy mode is more likely to be selected by casual (Roguelite) players such
as myself.

GOG Offline Installer (24.10.2021 18:25 CET):
   o Lin: (37953)
   o Win: (37936)
   o Mac: (37937)

Please note that I will address developers and publishers and will add any new piece of new information
I can get about this situation.

If other gamers have news to share about problems with this game, please feel free to add a new contribution
so that Developers and Publisher can get a better picture of the impression their game makes and are motivated
to address the problems - especially the lack of stability which currently spoils my motivation
playing the game.


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