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UPDATED! New I'76 Arsenal Launcher with bug fixes

I'76 Launcher v1.5 (without dgVoodoo support)

The purpose of the Launcher is to help players get I'76 and Nitro running with the best performance.

Even though did their best to get I'76 Arsenal working on modern operating systems and modern hardware, there are still several shortcoming to game play that did not correct. This Launcher is designed to help fill those gaps with the least amount effort possible. (we are lazy, lol)

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended to set the compatiblity mode for the I76.exe and the nitro.exe to Windows 98 Compaitblity Mode for best results.

You have three rendering modes available:

Software mode
DirectX Mode
Glide Mode

I'76 Launcher v2.0 (with dgVoodoo support)

This package includes dgVoodoo 1.50 beta 2 Advanced Glide Emulation Support.

The purpose of the Launcher is to help players get I'76 and Nitro running with the best performance and best graphics wih minimal effort.

- - - HOW IT WORKS: - - -

When you start the I'76 Arsenal Launcher, first, it automatically closes the Windows Explorer shell. Why? To prevent graphic problems in the game menu and cutscences such as the "Rainbow Graphics" bug. But not to worry friends, when you exit the launcher, it automatically restarts Window Explorer Shell for you. :)

Also when the Launcher is started, it automatically starts CPUGrabber. CPUGrabber is a CPU Throttling program. Basically, modern CPUs are just to powerful for the old 1'76 engine and this in turn causing issue such as wobbly wheels, bouncing suspensions and issues with the flamerthrower and mortor weapons. The actual setting for CPUgrabber will vary from machine to machine, so you will have to play with it get the right setting for your hardware. The launcher will automatically set CPUGrabbers CPU affinity to a single processor core.

When starting the game via the launcher, it will automatically have it's CPU affinity to a single processor core (the same core as CPUgrabber).

Selecting the Advance Glide Settings button in the Launcher will open the dgVoodoo Control Panel to allow you to tweak the game's glide rendering for the best visuals. Please note these setting only work if you use the glide rendering option. Both Interstate 76 and the Nitro Pack each come with there own dgVoodoo options so they can be tweaked individually.


PLEASE NOTE: For whatever reason some AntiVirus programs (notability AVG) may claim that the installers contains a virus. I assure you that this is a FALSE POSITIVE. Think about it, would I REALLY want to try to spread a virus though a website that has access to my name, address and phone number via my credit card purchases? I would have to be the all time KING of IDIOTS and while I am human (last time I checked) I am certainly not THAT stupid, lol ;)

- hip63 :p
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Same old problem, still doesnt work for me.
Hey! nice work. I was wondering if you could make a launcher for Mechwarrior 3? It is almost impossible to run in XP. I know GOG doesn't sell Mechwarrior 3,.. but a lot of fans would be very very grateful if you could do something similar. Mechwarrior 3 has a large fan base. Is this out of the question? ( well,.. if you work for GOG then I can understand why it would be out of the question.) I recommend you buy a copy of Mechwarrior 3 off of Amazon or Ebay and check it out and see for yourself.
Wow, thank you so much for your efforts! This is the treatment Gog should have given this game in the first place!
Nice launcher, but it does not set CpuGrabber and Interstate to CPU0 for me.
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit.
I checked your bat files and perhaps the command is different for Windows 7.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Right i figured it out myself :)
Yours for cpuGrabber:
@echo off
cd ..
start cpugrab.exe
process -a cpugrab.exe 01
Fixed for Windows 7:
@echo off
cd ..
start /affinity 1 cpugrab.exe
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Yours for I76 Software:
@echo off
cd ..
cd "interstate 76"
start i76.exe
cd ..
process -a i76.exe 01
Fixed for Windows 7:
@echo off
cd ..
cd "interstate 76"
start /affinity 1 i76.exe
Ofcourse it works the same for Glide and Directx
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Thx a lot, works fine here with W7 64bit.
Is this I'76 Launcher compatable with Windows XP, or is it made for Win7?
I ask because I've tried it on my XP computer and the CPU grabber doesn't seem to affect the game unless if I crank it up all the way.
Awesome!!!! Thanks hip63 works great for me (Win7 64bit) This should be added to the support forum for the game. I was very disheartened when I was getting rainbow text and graphics glitches. This has fixed all of them! Yeeee haw!
Extra bit of Advice....

I am on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - ran the launcher, fiddled with the glide settings etc etc, left the CPU grabber alone, got the game working fine - no wobbly wheels, no rainbow graphics, no super bouncy cars etc etc.

Then I got to mission 5 (first Jump). No matter how fast I went or when I used the booster, I couldn't make it over the pesky canyon.

Then purely by chance I caught one post somewhere (might have been here or some other forum, can't remember) - the CPU use can DIRECTLY effect car performance - although it looked like I had a perfectly running game, it was NOT right and was stopping me progressing.

Solution?? - It was there all along - used the CPU Grabber (set to about 50 I believe) - Voila! Car sailed over Jump very next attempt....

I did feel a wee bit stupid for not trying it out sooner - I must have attempted that mission 30+ times....;o)
Thank you hip63! This has made the game run perfectly.
I downloaded your V20 launcer, but it is an unknown file type. I assumed it was a .EXE

What program do I open this launcher with?
turboeco: I downloaded your V20 launcer, but it is an unknown file type. I assumed it was a .EXE

What program do I open this launcher with?
It is an .EXE. Try re-downloading it; you probably have a corrupt download.
I simply had to add .exe to the shortcut for the file. Right away it turned into an EXE, with an I76 icon. So that is all you have to do, if anyone else has this problem.
Why does it open up %windir% after exiting?

Edit: Also, nice program.
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I still get the message "failed to initialize 3d hardware acceleration" :(