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I recently purchase I76 and have been playing it. Everything looks and works great. I was a bit surprised at how slow Taurus was driving in the first few scenes but thought little of it since it has been 15 years since I played it. Then I went and raced Patriot and thought "Man I remember that being REALLY hard"...both the racing and the killing.
Then to scene 5 and the infamous bridge jump. No dice. Not with all armor and guns removed or unlimited wiper fluid =)
Turned VSync on and that didn't do anything. I have tried all the basic things. I made sure I was all the way zoomed out when jumping, turned down the resolution, and changed from Badass to Whimp. my options are: making my processor work really hard and possibly damage it or fill up my hard drive with video data?
Well it's been fun...but I guess I will have to abandon the trip. Pretty bummed about that.
I would strongly recommend you try <span class="bold">this fix</span>.

Interstate '76 is an awesome game but it's one of the few on GOG that even their guys couldn't properly get to work on modern machines and OSes, unfortunately. Taurus driving slow as heck right from the start should have been a dead giveaway the game isn't running as intended for you.
You don't have to throttle the cpu. All you have to do is limit your fps to 30 or below. Nvidiainspector allows you to do this with a custom profile. That is if you have an nvidia card, not sure of the amd equivelent. And yes use the launcer groze suggested.
Where should I put that command??
Have the same problem, the car when catches a bump or tries to jump, it's speed goes to 0