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Attached is a screenshot comparing default graphics to the Glide wrapper that this tutorial will enable. An added benefit to having improved graphics is that we can also limit the framerate to 20, which will fix issues with the flamethrower, vehicle physics, NPC AI, and allow you to complete the famous jump level without issue. It also prevents Taurus from crashing into the barrier during the race mid-tutorial in Interstate '76 Nitro.

Unlike other guides that use a dgVoodoo wrapper or various replacement files that squelch the amazing soundtrack (shame!), this one runs flawlessly as if it were 1997 all over again. The only difference here is that the resolution remains at default so in order to improve the look of the game and eliminate most of the jagged edges, you will want to use your AMD Radeon Software or NVIDIA Control panel to add application specific anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering settings. If you don't know how to do this, no worries, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials available -I just won't be covering them here.

My specs:
Windows 10 v20H2, AMD R9-3900X, AMD 6800XT.
Because different hardware can and will yield different results, your mileage with the following tutorial may vary.
Best of luck and please let me know if this worked for you in the comments below!

Glide wrapper configuration:
To launch the game with the 3DFX Glide wrapper enabled, you will need to create a Desktop shortcut to each of the Interstate '76 and Interstate '76 Nitro executables.
To do this, navigate to where your game installation directories are located.
EX: X:\GOG\Interstate 76 and X:\GOG\Interstate 76 Nitro Pack

Now, right click on each of the executables (i76 and nitro) mouseover "Send to", and then click on the option "Desktop(create shortcut)"

Now, go back to your desktop, right click on each of the shortcuts we just created, click "Properties" and append " -glide" to the end of the text inside the Target field.
It should look just like this: "X:\GOG\Interstate 76\i76.exe" -glide
Pay careful attention as there needs to be a space between the last " and the - before glide, in order for this command to function.

That's it! Glide is now ready to rock!

The highly sought after, super simple, 20 FPS fix:
If you skipped ahead to this part, please note that this will NOT work without running the game in Glide. Please follow the steps above before proceeding.

Download and install DXTORY -yup, that recording program.
On the "Advanced" tab, 3rd from the right, put a checkmark at the bottom next to "Limit Video FPS" and input the value 20
In the "Overlay" tab, uncheck all the options because if the FPS counter is displayed, it causes the game to crash when a mission ends/aborts.
DXTORY needs to be running if you want the games to run at 20FPS. Just exit DXTORY when playing other games or turn off the framerate limiter by unchecking the box next to "Limit Video FPS" as mentioned above.

For those still seeking higher resolutions
You're insatiable!

Before continuing onwards to configure dgVoodoo, you will want to use CRU to create a custom 4:3 aspect ratio resolution which will require a restart afterwards. Once the new resolution has been created, you can set this as the resolution in dgVoodoo. I would recommend using CRU to create 1280×960 for 1920x1080 displays and 1600×1200 for 2560x1440 displays. I recommend this because if you use 1440×1080 on a 1080p display or 1920×1440 on a 1440p display, in Windowed mode, the Window itself will be cut off at the bottom.

I had good results with dgVoodoo v2.74 (Released 2021.04.09) versus many of the older versions I see mentioned in other threads. Unfortunately, it causes the menu of both games to stutter/hang so mouse movement on the main menu is extremely problematic but once you start playing, the game appears to run free from issues. I tried to resolve the issue by changing the mouse USB polling rate to 125Hz but that doesn't appear to be the problem. This particular issue appears to be related to DirectX and I wasn't able to find a solution on my own. It's also worth noting that the emulation was less problematic, for me at least, in windowed mode. If you know of a solution to this main menu mouse cursor issue, please let me know.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the write up! I give these solutions a try every few years or so, hopefully this one does the trick!

EDIT: Just saw your other post in a different thread about the FPS limit, and was going to ask why DXTORY, as I normally use Rivatuner. Good to know, thanks again!
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Just following up, got it installed again, and the stock -glide worked great with DXTORY set to 20-25fps. Great!!

Unfortunately it all fell apart when trying dgVoodoo (tried the latest build, as well as v2.47 you used). Game just crashed at launch to a black screen. Will keep tinkering, but so far nothing I'm trying works. I am using Nvidia/Intel hardware however, so might be the diffference?

Will keep trying, thanks for the DXTORY tip, that seems to work well, and default glide is fine till I find a better looking fix.