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To all Officers of the Terran Space Force;

Command has addressed some concerns pertaining to visual systems feedback and battle readiness of the TSF Freedom Strike. Thank you for your continued vigilance, and please continue to route full reports on your successes and failures through the proper channels.

Here is a list of your concerns that have been addressed prior to this notice:

v1.0.5 (July 18)

- Fixed corrupted playlist music on the 'Maximum Ride' assignment (Mission 4).

- Fixed an issue where Officer assigned interface language settings would not persist through multiple deployments.

- Increased the number of times Freedom Strike is able to utilize Super Armor on Captain, Commander, and Admiral assignments.

- Fixed an issue where Officer assigned V-Sync settings were not functioning as intended.

- Fixed interface text corruption resulting from the use of the TAB key on keyboard control systems.

Keep up the good fight, Officers. Happy Wrog hunting!

Terran Space Force Command
Could you please upload the latest version to GOG?

1.0.6 has been out for a while now but the GOG version is still 1.0.5.