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With Windows 8/10 you can "reset your pc" while keeping documents. The problem is that since infectonator doesn't use the "My Documents/My Games/" folder your game info is lost when this is used. I thought I restored all my pertinant information and most of my games came through fine but I was NOT happy losing all my progress in this game. I got to Rank 15 a few days after release and posted to the discord server. One simple adjustment and boom, peoples saves are fine.

My Gog install folders (on my secondary and raid drives) as well as steam and other game installes came across without any problems, I just lost the save data from this and 2-3 other games out of the majority I have).

To follow up, I did do a windows 10 reset while keeping settings and documents and that didn't fix the corruption I had (broken Cortana, start menu, other issues) so I ended up needing to reset again with just documents.
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Hi DarkZenith2,

I'm Kris Antoni, the creator of Infectonator series.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for the feedback. However, due to technical reasons I can't promise that we will be able to change the save data location. We'll keep this in mind for future games.