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Changelog for Patch 39986a (added 25 November 2019):

- Added a 4th digit to the hits counter; new maximum is now 9999!
- After running up and attacking, characters now stay in place until the player's combo fully ends instead of running back to their idle position after about half a second. Should help with combos.
- Hitting a sprite that's being grabbed now correctly deals armored damage to the victim without liberating it from the grab. Fixes a LOT of things.
- Fixed a sprite culling bug - stretched sprites are now properly displayed onscreen even if their origin is offscreen.
- More environment fixes!
- More credits fixes! We even sped them up so the end-game credits are a whole two minutes faster! And here you thought the excitement was dying down...!!!!!!!!!!!
- Upgrade/Ringsel info line at the top of Party Select no longer cuts off the end after you have enough upgrades/Ringsels to make the text really long.
- Fixed a bug where the some attacks from the Preta (evolved Hungry Ghost) would mistakenly cost you Iddhi after recovering from Clean Blocking them.
- Status effects now correctly apply when you hit armor.
- You can Hustle into Tanks again without starting a battle, because it was fun. :^)
- Added a small unskippable section after the Port Maerifa Chakra Gate cutscene to make it more difficult to accidentally skip the following cutscene.
- Fixed Garuda occasionally doing his flyby at the wrong height.
- Improved the Clean Block tutorial in Vimana.
- Removed Nuna from Hunoch's quest if she's not in your party yet.
- Incarnation motes now travel back to Ajna in a maximum of 44 frames, instead of a maximum of "never actually getting there". :^)
- Ajna being thrown while next to a wall no longer spawns Incarnations inside the wall when battle starts.
- Corrected the attack indicator for Frug's roll
- Updated some Oont (wizard) damage values, hitboxes, and made some attacks Clean Block only.
- Altered behavior of Pelesit (insect/bottle): bottle idle initially has lots of hits of armor; snap speeds up all enemies.
- Gremlin (gremlin :^) taunt increases their battle speed.
- Updated damage for Rompo (chainsaw wolf), Gremlin, Pelesit, Fallen Deva (rainbow ring).
- Rompo now summons some friends by howling; only once per battle.
- Iron Kingdom Soldiers now reload after firing, but the reload animation counts as not part of their turn. If you interrupt it, they will have to waste a turn reloading next time.
- Soldiers will now shoot at you from farther away during platforming.
- Makara (alligator) now has armor, instead of blocking.
- Yaksini (naga) will now KISS ya if it lives long enough. Bewaaaaaaaaare!
- Late-game Hungry Ghost lick applies Slow, is Clean Block only.
- Re'em (goat/ram) is now 80% as big. Still 100% as adorable.
- Multiple updates to the Waieri (shaman sitting in a shell).

Standalone installers updated (39810 ⇒ 39986a): 26 November 2019.