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I'm finding that alot of my weapon hits aren't causing damage to a ship. I can generally get a ship to 50% damage but I pound it at close range and it takes many hits to destroy it. The shield effect doesn't happen and you get the explosion sound effect but there's no damage caused.
I know there was a problem similar to this when running the non-gog version on a fast machine, but I never experienced it myself and was wondering if this is the same thing.
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Shadowcat: Does the GOG version not still use Zeckensack's Glide wrapper? It certainly did originally, and there's no changelog for the game indicating a switch to nGlide.
The contained configuration tool says nglide 1.02 so i assumed it.

Sadly after playing along i discovered that the nglide update didn't solved the Problem it only reduced it, quite a bit but still game breaking in higher levels where every PBC count.

Next thing i tried was reducing the framerate with MSI Afterburner as sugested in another thread (didn't work).

- Remove the Vertical syncronisation in the nglide configurator (it was sugested this will override external settings, I tryed both without results)
- installed the MSI Afterburner. Important the RivaTuner Statistics Server, bundled with the MSI software does the framerate cap and on screen overlay.
- The RivaTuner will start with the afterburner and a tray icon will apear here you can set the frame rate.
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Shadowcat: Thanks for that follow-up. I've not tried it, but to me this sounds like an upgrade that GOG should consider making to their version of the game. If you've not already done so, could you raise a support request about it?
Don't want to wast anybodys time until im sure it works.

Today i tryed Zeckensack's Glide wrapper with promissing results.

- uninstall nglide 1.02 by deleting (or moving) the files glide2x.dll and glide3x.dll from your i-war insallation folder
- if you tryed to use nglide 1.05 uninstall it to via windows apps and programms
- download the Zeckensack's Glide wrapper
- configure it (C:\Program Files (x86)\GlideWrapper\configurator.exe)
- See the attached screenshot for the configuration that worked for me.
For me - dropped to 30fps using the Nvidia settings (adaptive VS at half refresh) makes the game work smoothly and hits properly cause damage. Oh and I'm using nglide.

The only problem is one previously observed here - when the guns are overheating the damage stops going through. This is a very odd odd bug indeed.

It can be worked around though; just stop shooting when your guns overheat. Admittedly it does make the Double PBC somewhat of a downgrade in that they seem to overheat faster (or due to inaccuracy can't score as many effective hits before overheating).

And as I said earlier, if you want to take a hard target down, use the AM Injector with full power to weapons, and use short bursts of rapid fire, always stopping before the overheat. Destroyed the nasty transport in The Gift quite easily with this trick.
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So, has anybody found a more reliable solution to this? As of right now I can't even get through WEP Advanced because the damage just doesn't get inflicted. I lowered the framerate and upped the settings to the point where the game is noticeably sluggish, but it's has only slightly mitigated the problem - if initially I couldn't get any damage in at all, now I can maybe get it to 10% if I keep pounding and dodging the mines for a good five minutes.