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So no matter what, I can't get the 'i'm a failure garbageman' ending and I wondered how to get that. Also as far as I noticed the only thing that changes whether you chase the Pirates or the Cosa is the order of the missions but not the content right?

Can someone also explain why in Independence war 2 you are a indie? I thought that in the good ending you join the New Alliance which =/= indies. Or am I missing something?
If I remember correctly to get the garbage man ending you have to destroy the hospital ship in Justifiable Homicide.

As for being an indie in I-War 2, well you're not really an indie, you're a pirate - at least at first.
Not really an independent, but more like independent-friendly. That said, I haven't noticed any consequence of pirating from the independents. Maybe if you do so in front of the Stepsons they might get a bit ticked-off temporarily...

I should fire it up again and play as a true pirate, just to see how the game responds. Well, and for the overall fun of this great game.