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Voight-Kampff: Both Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen will have newtonian physics. The thrusters are automated but it is said to be easy to turn the automation off and just go crazy, Newton-style.
Doesn't sound like Newton-physics would be part of the game style. Probably it doesn't matter for the game story if you switch it on or off, may be even worse you have disadvantages switching it off...

Beside this I like to own my games, I am not a big fan of MMOs (gaming via VPN is another story). So in my eyes both are no replacement for I-War. :-(
posfan12: An enhanced remake like the Homeworld series is undergoing might be nice.

Really, I would just like to see the bugs in IWar 2 fixed and quicksave added.
Have you ever checked this site?:
Suppose the writer they had should be invited :) ...Formosa? Something like that.