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I just bought this and it's running super quick like mentioned in previous posts. Any solution yet?

I'm runing latest win10 + 1080 + gsync
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Please make a ticket to support.
OK made a ticket. I just ran the game on a laptop with onchip Intel graphics and it runs perfectly. So it must be Nvidia.
Same problem here. Using nvidia
equalvision87: Same problem here. Using nvidia
And, you did NOT install it in the programs/apps folder, right?

I see now that there is no more mention of the game not being supported on Windows 7. I wonder if the problems are truly fixed.
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Installed the game to the default installation folder: C:\GOG Games\Independence War 2.

AMD Quad Core A8 R200 series CPU
Nvidia GTX 650
Windows 10.
Aside from trying if restricting F/s helps I am out of ideas except make sure your computer is updated, including has all Windows updates and motherboard drivers though I doubt that is the problem here unless some Windows problem.
Figured it out! And boy do I feel dumb. Apparently it was my cpu base clock and/or multiplier settings. I had my cpu overclocked, but when I first attempted the "disable all overclock settings" solution, I must not have saved them correctly because they didn't stick, and sure enough my bios still had my cpu overclocked when I checked it again. Chock it up to user error an hubris. Anyway, Im not sure which setting is at fault for causing the super fast game speed, or if its both the settings combined.. (I use both the multiplier and the cpu clock when I overclock). Either way, the game is running flawlessly now. Exciting, as this game kicked ass back in 9th grade when I first played it. Will be fun to experience it again. Thanks for your help Themken. Im off to Hoffers Gap.