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Thanks to Stephen Robertson and Duncan Day, you can also enjoy the I-War Paper Models
You can find it here:
Thank you Steve, thank you Duncan :)
From their site:
"What is paper modelling?
Paper models are 3D models made out of paper (or card). They are distributed as electronic documents that you print out on a coloured printer. You cut out the various parts with a hobby knife, fold them along defined fold lines and stick them together. It's a bit like making the paper cubes and dodecahedrons you used to make at school, but much more fun, and the models are alot cooler!
So check out our Models page and get building!"
Have fun :)
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Yay! I haven't done any spacey paper modeling forever! Thanks for the link!
So cool.
Looks great !
/me goes to a shop to purchase a hobby knife and hard paper
Excellent! I have just the right heavyweight paper for this! :)
We haven't added any new models in ages but I have a couple in development that are relatively close. Let me know preferences for one of the four following models, and I'll try to finish it up and upload it soonish:

1 the tug from Independence War (that first carried the comsec out to the debris field to get the Dreadnaught)
2 the Yellowstone-class truck from I-war2
3 the Venice-class heavy freighter.
4 the hammerhead version of the Spider-class tug (NPC)

Duncan "Hot4Darmat" Day
Thanks for your efforts! Paper models are a great idea.
From your list I would prefer the spider class tug.
It's a shame these are so blurry, and those jaggy scoring lines are quite nasty. Is there anywhere I could find the original textures for the ships to try and clean them up a bit?
Sadly the link stopped working some time ago. The site saved a couple of them, bud sadly not all. Does anybody know if the models are still available somewhere?
I realise this is a couple of years later but this great Iwars site has them with a lot of other great resources:
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