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I simply cannot get my joystick to work with this game. I've not had a problem getting it to work with any other game (even other good old ones) but IW2 simply doesn't seem to want to work.

The joystick in question is a Saitek Cyborg X, and the OS is Windows 7 64bit.

Drivers seem to work fine, and as I say the stick works fine with every other game. I have noticed it seems to exist as two devices (Saitek Cyborg X & Virtual Hid Device).

I've tried making both the primary for older programs using
Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Cyborg X -> Advanced
but to no avail.

Any help offered would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Does this help? [url=][/url]
7upMan: Does this help? [url=][/url]
I'm afraid not. I already tried unplugging and uninstalling all other game controllers and setting both Saitek devices as primary. Nothing works.
Sorry, can't help you there. My Thrustmaster Flightstick X works perfectly fine.