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I seem to have some weird issues with the double PBC. If I'm firing forward the shots seem to do very little damage. I'm sure it's not because of overheating since I've waited until the warning text is gone before firing again. The weird part is that if I'm firing with the aft gun those shots seem to work normally. For example in WEP Advanced 2 I don't think I got any of the mines down with the forward guns. Same thing with the fighters later on. Any ideas what might be causing this? Game seems to work OK otherwise.
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I found these which match the problem I have:

They are saying no damage can be a problem if the game runs at over 100fps. However mine is locked at 60. Seems like that guy in the first link had the same problem. Too bad they couldn't come up with a solution. I guess I could try even with a gimped double pbc..I mean, the hits register..sometimes x.x