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Soupdragon made an announcement in the forum. Here is the full text:


The End of an Era: closing 4th January 2015

After a stint of nearly 15 years, will be going off-line on the 4th January 2015, indefinitely.

I should like to thank all those who contributed over the years and to the last of the veterans on the forum for sticking with it.

It's been a pleasure people and I hope the site has served you well.

All the best, Soup

P.S. If any of you space sim nutters are faring the galaxy in Elite Dangerous, look out for CMDR Ballantine.


Please make sure to d/l all I-War related materials from the download section, so that as Little as possible will be lost for future players. Thank you!
Right-click -> Save as
Right-click -> Save as
Right-click -> Save as...

Thanks for the heads-up.

Edit follows...

At a minimum, I suggest getting stuff from the following:

A script fix and also the major patch:

And also the optional Particle Systems patches / add-ons:

If you need to find a certain trade commodity, then right-click save this page:

The walkthrough pages, again Right-click -> Save as:

Though the forum here on gOg has plenty of tips and tactics, here are more:

And why not the FAQs, which have some troubleshooting and mission advice:
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My question is Why?

It can't be that expensive to host the website. Not many people go there.
Is it an idea for them to submit it to the Internet Archive?
Not sure if they store ZIP files though.
posfan12: Not sure if they store ZIP files though.
they dont. so you may wanna start grabbing those files.
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Don't worry, guys.

I am the admin of various game-related websites like and and I run quite a bunch of 24/7 servers for older games.

I've contacted SoupDragon and asked him to continue his website - it seems like he's willing to let me do it.
If he gives up his domain and shares the forums database, nothing will be lost for future players. :-)

The reason is actually a move to another hosting company. I imagine that it may be very time-consuming to copy all the old stuff over. Especially the outdated forum software.
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I've created a mirror of the website now. Nothing should be missing there. :-)
Nicely done. Thanks!

A link to it:
Nice work :)

Thanks to you !
Good news everyone - Soup has provided me with all databases and files needed for the website.

We are back on the original website - the layout isn't quite finished, but the forums are ported and reopened. :)

Feel free to register there and discuss - if you are a returning user, you can send yourself a new password and are good to go.
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Thanks schmatzler! You're the Man!

Unfortunately It doesnt open for me:

Any idea why?
Me, either, though it did work a couple days ago.
I've switched over to :-)

You can find the old website here:
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Thanks again!

I think it should be added as 'STICKY' topic.
How to do that?
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