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Does this game work well on Windows XP? I tried a demo that was available (made for Win95) and when i ran it in compatibility mode the frame-rates were pathetic and there was a severe input lag. I would like a simple shooter and this game sounds like it could be fun I feel hesitant to put my money in if the GOG version is subject to the same issues.
My rig:
P4 2.8Ghz
GeForce 6600GT 128MB
game runs fine.... though keep in mind you'll be stuck at 640x480 since that's the only resolution the game supports
Well, actually I remember playing Incoming years ago. I did not remember it had a fixed resolution setting but I remember it highly playable and engaging, but now I encounter severe input lag. The gameplay is just not flowing, anyone knows of a fix (This regards Incoming only)?
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I'm finding the game has terrible playability issues with the mouse, and it's extremely frustrating. Basically the mouse has initial lag, so fine movements just don't register, and then it rockets all the way up or down on the vertical axis. The effect is you're either pointing straight up, or wiping out your own base. It's so awful I wouldn't have re-released it like this.
On a more positive note, in trying to find a fix for this, I did find how to adjust the screen resolution on the original Incoming. Add the command line option -screenmode on the shortcut for it. You'll have to choose it every time, but at least that gets you 1024x768x32
If anyone's got a control fix I'd love to hear it.
i think those control issues using mouse were present even back in 98.... i just ended up using a joystick
I've been using my old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro with the original Incoming and it works far better than mouse control. There's still a noticeable lag however, and no amount of tweaking seems able to fix it. Don't get me wrong, the game is still perfectly playable, it's just something we'll have to learn to live with I guess.
No it's not. It's not something we should learn to live with.
Don't get me wrong here, I really appreciate GOG's initiative to re-release classic games so we can enjoy them once more without the hassle of finding them and tweaking them to work with newer operating systems, while remaining dirt cheap. But even dirt cheap doesn't count when the game is unplayable.
I remember that Incoming was a really fluid game, one of the most fluid games I've ever played, and I bought this to enjoy the fine flow and gameplay once more. However, I received a product which suffers from severe input lag and as of yet has no known way to fix it. I submitted a technical issue to GOG but they have not replied yet (It's been 11 days).
I expected a bit more from them, as they are doing a really cool thing with the site and seem committed to supporting their customers. I expected them to at least contact me and say that they are working on it, or offer me a refund and in exchange I will delete the game content. I have no problem to do so and when the game will be fixed I know that I will purchase it again. But they didn't, and I don't think that I should live with a game that is not as good as it ought to be while I payed good money for it.
I'll have to try it with a joystick. If that's what it takes, it would be far from the only game that really can only be played with analog controls. Ala every driving game out there.
I actually got, or I should say was -supposed- to get a free full copy of Incoming when I picked up a pair of Voodoo 2s back when they first came out. (Yes, I'm a graphics junkie.) Diamond never shipped me the full game, but there was a demo with the first few levels.
Winterlord's post reminded me of playing the demo and actually he's right. Because I did play the demo a lot back then, (very pretty for the time,) and there was no input lag to speak of. In fact that was half the fun, whipping that turret around and going to town. That's what I'd like to do again.
It does make me wonder if this is a modern 'emulation' issue, (like too high of a framerate) vs an original gameplay issue.
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AmishFury: game runs fine.... though keep in mind you'll be stuck at 640x480 since that's the only resolution the game supports

Is it possible to run the game in windowed mode?
I am also getting the mouse input lag problem with Incoming. And yeah, I would say it's not really playable as it is. I'll have to try and dig out an old joystick if I can find one to see if that helps.
I also have issues with the mouse, needs a fix bad if they are selling this game. I had it come free with an ATI vidcard back when I was 8, and I do remember it running much smoother. In fact I got the old cd still and it works, but I don't have the forces expansion so I bought this. Same thing, not an issue from GOG I think, may be an issue with the actual game. I shall try on Windows 7 and maybe plug in my old 98SE pc if I feel like digging it up.
Please contact our tech-support (that's why those guys are for - to help you solve technical problems )
the weird thing is that Forces works perfectly.
Hi, I've read that you can change the resolution with -screenmode.
What is the format you have to type the resolution in?
Incoming.exe -screenmode 1024x768x16 ?
danowar: Hi, I've read that you can change the resolution with -screenmode.
What is the format you have to type the resolution in?
Incoming.exe -screenmode 1024x768x16 ?

Right click on the Incoming icon on your desktop and put this in the target field: "C:\Program Files (x86)\\Incoming and Incoming Forces\Incoming\incoming.exe" -screenmode
If you don't own a 64-Bit version of Windows then delete the part that says (x86).
A windows will appear everytime you run the game asking you what resolution you want to play in.
Hope that helps.
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