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Incoming Tweak Guide

Wow, what a great game, but what a poor GOG release. This game simply does not work well out of the box. Really questioning why they chose to release it.

On modern AMD cards, the game will not even launch. And on Nvidia and Intel cards, there is corrupted graphics on the HUD / user interface elements.

In this Tweak Guide I am showing you how to:

- Increase the resolution to 1024 x 768
- Configure display scaling settings for a proper 4:3 aspect ratio correct image
- Fix the game not launching with AMD cards
- Fix the corrupt graphics with Nvidia and Intel cards
- My recommendations for input controls for this game


atiumdag.dll file for fixing AMD:

Work in progress version of dgVoodo 2:
Post edited July 27, 2015 by philscomputerlab
The atiumdag.dll solution didn't work for me in Windows 10(and have AMD graphic card) with Incoming(haven't tested the expansion), however, the dgVoodo 2 worked, just copied the two DLLs from the MS folder in the Incoming root and it worked fine.
Post edited January 04, 2016 by blackbishop86
Cool, thanks for letting me know.
At first I didn't see that the title is a Youtube link and wondered where that guide is. ;)