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I couldn't find anything on this topic so far so I'd like to know if anyone else has encountered choppy playback of the music in Incoming. I haven't checked Incoming Forces yet but the music in the main game plays heavily chopped up. Any experiences with this?
same problem here. Any fix for this yet?
It happens mostly when a level starts. You will also notice that if you pause the game, the music plays fine.

The easiest workaround I've found is to simply save the game and load it. Usually fixes it for me. Also, if you die, make sure to manually load a save before the game auto-restarts you at a stage start. That usually makes the entire game stutter for me, including the music and I have to completely exit the game and launch again to get rid of that.

As for Incoming Forces, I haven't found a way to fix the stuttering.
Post edited May 05, 2023 by idbeholdME