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Changelog for Patch (added 19 October 2019):

- It's been two years already! For In The Shadows anniversary I am happy to release an update that will bring some polish, fix a lot of bug and make the game now playable in 5 new languages!
- You can now play In The Shadows in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Russian! The game is also available in English and French.
- I Hope you enjoy this update, lots of little tweaks have been made here and there, new animations, new sound fx, almost every level have been revised in some way!
- Here is a list of the important things in the change log for those interested:

- Fixed falling through platform while climbing ladder and moving left or right at the top
- Fixed some levels name missing
- Fixed gamepad buttons work for axies now
- Fixed menu 'jump' from soundfx to occlusion (invisible menu option)
- Fixed now remember custom gamepad selection if gamepad detected on game start
- Fixed custom keyboard/gamepad mapping save properly and apply right away, no restart needed
- Fixed sometimes getting stuck outside of the level in gravity flip levels
- Fixed back button showing wrong button icon in menus
- Fixed the player normalmap flip issue, light hits the player properly when facing left
- Fixed Fade in/out from black/white, much smoother now
- Fixed gravity flip level, crate getting stuck on ceilling
- Fixed 16:10 ratio screen, tiles missing vertically in some levels (outside level boundary)

Tweaks & New Features
- Added achievements to the GOG version
- Added localization in Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese
- Changed better highlight on drawing in world map (now with contour highlight + light)
- Added hud for current status of stars collected and secrets found, info in hubs
- Better macOS Gamepad support
- Better death animation (small pause then fade out)
- Player death now flickers, pulse, when respawned with temporary invincibility
- Falling in holes and touching vapor still kills you tho, even when in temprary invincibility
- Added 2560x1440 screen resolution support
- Added some visual clues (wires) in a bunch of levels to help players a little
- Added some clues in first house. Too many players missed secrets
- Made kickstarter secret room more interesting to find, new secret
- Intro music on title screen start properly
- Added some sound effects here and there
- Tweaked painted cube fade out visual
- Added lots of little visual tweaks to environement, animations, to make it feel more alive
- Music fades out when leaving level, on loading screen, instead of abrupt stop
- Sound effects fade out as well now
- Tweaked some dialogs slightly.
- The build is now 64bit on all platform, dropping support for 32bit
- Better Load game menu, shows an image of the level in background when selecting save slot
- If you have any issues, feel free to comment on the community forum or contact me at:


Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 22 October 2019.