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DannyDresdan: I think there's a tiny language barrier here...but I get some gist of whatcha talking about.

This Virtual CloneDrive looks similar to Daemon Tools. Is that what this is?
Yes, only difference as far as I know, demon tools you have to pay (I might be wrong on this one though ;) )
AND I don't know if demon tools solves the problem win win10, virtual clone drive does.
Wealin: I have a DVD Drive in my laptop.
I've tried installing it from GOG galaxy and downloading the installer, each time
doing a fresh install, it doesn't play music.
Goodaltgamer: Which Win?
directx9.0c installed?

No sound at all or just no music?
I have a DVDplayer, and also installed the VCD. I rebooted. Windows 10. Still doesn't work. Thanks for helping! I right clicked on the music files and selected Mount with VCD....still doesn't work.

The game and sounds work fine, but the music doesn't play.
The only solution is to play the music tracks manually... I really hope GoG will fix it !