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Hello all, thank you in advance for any replies. I've been enjoying Immortal Redneck since redeeming the give away copy a few days ago. I noticed that I haven't been getting achievements but didn't think much of it, but I've realised now that things aren't 100%. I just completed the second pyramid and when doing this didn't unlock the third pyramid I went searching for how to do so. This is where I found out that there are supposed to be different bosses on each pyramid. What I had though was both Pharaoh and Weryt as the bosses on the second pyramid, more than once, and in their areas too. Perhaps there is a limitation on the giveaway version of the game, or more version is correct. I haven't come across anyone else having this strange experience either. I'll post this on the Steam forums too since it has been on Steam for many years now too.

Thanks again.
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Sounds like you just went into the wrong pyramid. Pharaoh and Weryt are the bosses of the first one. I finished the second pyramid a few days ago and everything worked as intended. Maaty and Temsep where both awaiting me.