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I had been searching for this game for many, many years. I played what must have been a shareware version of it 15 years ago or more, and then I later tried to track it down with only vague memories to guide me. I posted to various game forums, scoured abandonware sites, no luck. In the end I gave up.

Then just randomly, years later yet, this game shows up on GOG and poof that's the one.

Thanks GOG!
Wait. After playing a bit, I'm not 100% sure anymore. The controls and perspective feels familiar, as does the HUD, but something also seems off.

For instance, I seem to recall being able to create my own tracks, by for instance raising and lowering terrain. Additonally, I remember some kind of yellow, maybe furry and ballshaped, creatures that you could run over on the tracks.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
I've played the shareware version also around 15 years ago. I loved it. You could only play the first track. I never managed to find the game though when I was old enough to buy my own games.
Yesterday I saw the game on GOG and I immediately bought it. I love it! :D

Btw I still have the shareware version laying around here on CD (it's a demo). I don't remember being able to create tracks but I'll check it.

Update 1: I found 3 CD's from way back in time: 1998. Here in the Netherlands we had magazines like "PC Consument"and "CD-rom Actief" which always included CD's with shareware and demo's. The Ignition demo/shareware is on the "CD-rom Actief" CD. Time for investigation.

Update 2: This is going to take a bit longer than I thought. The programs on the required CD are 16 bit which I can't run on my 64 bit computer. Time to get Windows XP mode up and running. :P

Update 3: I haven't got the ignition demo working. I could install it but when I run it in XP mode (a virtual machine) I get a black flickering on the screen for a second and then nothing.
I could however run all other games that came with the CD(s). For example the game Claw (Captain Claw), I miss that game (also only played the demo).
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Wow, thanks for the investigation!

I also used to have magazines similar to that in Norway. Loved trying out the shareware games included with the magazine.

It's possible I'm mashing up the memories of two different games. Anyways, this is a great arcade racer :D Thanks again.
You're welcome. It was fun to go back in time. I also loved going through those CD's.

I see how you could mix up two games. I've been there too. :P
A guy that just found this on And having the orgional cd.

This game had a massive bug where it would crash on say i think it was tack 5 or 6 it was a mountain range track...

I want to know if someone can actually get past that level in single player and complete all the racers ?

As mine from the orgional cd keeps on crashing due to a old old old BUG.
I think I'm already on track 6 (Can't seem to end higher than 5th for some reason).
But no crashes so far.
Back in the day, I maxed all the tracks and cars - you get the IGNITION car that has max stats and then you can do crazy $H!T like fly over the track :)

Now I found this and can't to get this work on my SteamOS :(