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I've plugged in a functioning PS3 controller, and HLD doesn't react to any of the button presses. I did manage to open the menu screen, but it just kept scrolling through the menu items non-stop. I checked to make sure my computer is receiving inputs correctly, but HLD isn't responding to them. Are PS3 controllers not supported? I've heard other people mention using them successfully to play HLD, so I thought I'd check. Thanks - I can't wait to get back to my game!

UPDATE: Third time's the charm? That is, I restarted the game a third time and it worked (technically I started the game from the App file, then from GOG Galaxy, then from the App again).

UPDATE 2: It doesn't work consistently, that's for sure.

UPDATE 3: I think I have it narrowed down to low batteries - even when plugged into the computer, the controller acted erratically... until I plugged it into the wall for a few minutes. A silly solution, but perhaps it could help some of the other folks having controller issues!
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