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Ferreum: First: I noticed a framerate problem when an inaccessable joystick device exists on the system.
My laptop seems to have an always present /dev/input/js0 device that is not accessable to the user.
When I remove the device (by simply rm'ing the file) the framerate immediately becomes stable. When I create it again (with mknod) it starts stuttering again. My real gamepad doesn't impact this.
Hello Ferreum,

There is a known issue with random devices being detected as game controllers (likely a Linux kernel bug):

A programmer from Brazil found a solution:

It blacklists udev devices from being wrongly detected as joysticks. You should be able to add the device (could it be touchpad?) using it's vendor and product hexadecimal IDs. You can obtain them by running the following command:

cat /proc/bus/input/devices
Ferreum: Second: Where is the 60 fps patch for Linux? I bought this game a few months ago thinking that it's long been released but it's still on 30 fps in the most recent version.
Thanks for the reminder, I'll see what is up with updates for the game.
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