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Same here with the slowness.
dosan: I am having the same problem, i dont know if it is something that happens with GOG galaxy, i have a geforce gtx 970 , 8 ram of memory and a core i5 , my pc is way more than its needed for playing this game, and still, i have this horrible slow
motion issue.

I love the game, but i am starting to hate this situation grrrr!
It's not a GOG launcher thing, I was running the exe direct from the folder.
ProphetOfMetal: Just gave it a shot on an old Windows 7 PC and yep - same problems in areas with lots of characters (like the town) after 30 minutes or so. Things smooth out in places with no enemies/NPCs for what it's worth. Fresh install and new save btw.

Also checked out a few things that are common issues with other GamerMaker 1 games (Hotline Miami and Downwell). Messed with the .ini file and tried another version of Direct X and was unable to fix the issue.

May give the Linux version a shot - but that's all the Windows feedback I can provide...
I'm not experiencing slow down related to 'load' it's just slowing doen the longer you play. the system isn't struggling. I have both downwell and Hotline and neither of those do it. So i'm quite sure it's not inherent to the engine.
They got in touch and told me they are still working on it, asked me for some more details, including controller.

I have noticed a few of you mention the same controller as me, xbox one. (i'm using wired) I wonder if it's somehow related to that driver)

Is there anyone experiencing this that isn't using the xbox controller? cause that would be worth ruling out. I presume they asked that for a reason.
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They hotfixed in May but I only just found out (I'd put the game down disappointed)

I only had time for one run but it seemed smooth.

Will update and confirm at the weekend when i get chance to do a longer session.

Thankyou to hearth machine.
If anyone is still having slowdown issues on Windows, try this fix. Place the DBGHELP.dll in the same folder as your game exe.
You can read more about it here.

Apparently it was an issue with the game engine used (GameMaker)