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Hi everyone.

Loving this game, but after aprox 30mins play, the game slows and eventually becomes completely slow mo down to a crawl if I keep playing (made my first boss nice and easy though!)

This is happening EVERY play. The problem is solved by just closing and restarting the game, regardless of area/battle/screen-contents so it's not a power/grunt issue.
task manager shows 30-40% cpu and 2 - 6% gpu, memory at 300mb-ish regarless whats happening in game, including when it slows. I have played with the 4 options in the options.ini and none make a difference. Tried v-sync on/of with no difference. I have all power related 'cool-downs' like usb and drive suspend off so it can't be related to that.

I have no other games doing this, anyone else experiencing this?

SPEC; windows 10 home, dell inspiron 7000 Laptop, i5-7200u, 8gb ram, gtx 1050ti 4gb.
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The same, I tried `CreateTexturesOnDemand=0` and the fps stable for a longer time. But still happens.

I'm not sure what's wrong with GOG version, but the s**eam version seems fine.
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Same here :(
Grab it on sale,regret it :(

Win 10,i5-4670k,GTX 660
I am having the same problem, i dont know if it is something that happens with GOG galaxy, i have a geforce gtx 970 , 8 ram of memory and a core i5 , my pc is way more than its needed for playing this game, and still, i have this horrible slow
motion issue.

I love the game, but i am starting to hate this situation grrrr!
Yep, having the same issue. Specs are Windows 10 Home, GTX 940MX, i7-7800U, 16 GB RAM. Plays fine for a while then just slows to a crawl. Contacting Heart Machine about the issue and referencing this thread.
Just bought it and it was running perfectly. After an hour I had slow motion on 60 fps and still some fps drops on 30 fps.
CPU: i7 6700HQ
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M
RAM: 12 GB
Windows 10
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Same here! It's extremely frustrating!

Windows 10 64bit
Ryzen 1700
GTX 1080
16GB of RAM

There's has got to be a way to fix this!

Just curious, what controllers are you guys using? I'm using an Xbox 360 controller. I ask because a guy on Steam says it might be caused by an Xbox controller.

Edit: Tried a PS4 controller. No difference. FPS still continues to drop as I play. I really want to like this game but this is unplayable.
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This Steam discussion references this issue as well:
Hope GOG or Heart Machine do something, as we are not the only ones with this issue :(
Pareil pour moi.

C'est vraiment regretable, le jeu et l'atmosphère sont bons. Mais on ne peut vraiment l'apprécier comme ca. Les fps sont irrégulières et au bout d'un certain temps ca devient injouable, même avec une très grosse config... C'est ridicule.

J'espère sincérement qu'ils trouvent une solution et nous entendent.
I emailed them and they got back to me almost instantly! No fix yet but they're looking into it. I gave them all of the information they needed and I also linked them to this post. So hopefully all of that can help them find a solution soon.
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Same here.

Any news?
i sent them a message at and i am waiting for an answer, i really recommend that everyone does the same so they will notice this issue.
I'm also having this issue. It happened after roughly 45 minutes of playtime. I'm not sure whether framerate is completely tied to the game's inherent speed, but I was experiencing both a framerate drop (to around 36) and a very noticeable slowdown of the entire game's speed.

My specs, in case they matter:

CPU: i5 6400
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

Using an Xbox one controller on wireless mode.
I sent them another Email. They said they're "hoping to have a fix for everyone soon!"
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