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Hello to everyone and BIG respect and admiration to the people/team for the effort they put into this game to make it right!

I'm new to the game but have quite the interest in it for some time now. As i go through people reviews around the forums and such i encounter complaints about it's not working as same as the classic. OK, i didn't play the classic, i won't notice that much of a difference but i'm concerned about the in game mechanics like the formations and tactics? Are they fixed and working properly or ... I went through the change list of every patch but didn't see that specific topic ... or maybe i missed it :/
If someone can clarified that for me it would be appreciated, because i'm definitely going for that game ;)
Thank you! :)
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@Injinera - Thanks! Formations were much improved in the 2.0 patch, but had the major 666 bug. The 2.3 Players Patch fixed that and made other improvements like keeping formation in Neutral stance, and increasing formation unit limits. Formations are certainly not identical to hw1 classic which used a different game engine, but for new players they are fine. HW1 classic tactics were added as stances in the 2.0 patch, again not identical to hw1c, but fine for new players.
Does this patch works on GOG Galaxy 2.0 if I add Homeworld Remastered Collection to my game library?
@Alex_the_gamer - Yes, this patch works with the latest GOG Galaxy client.
cloaked: @Alex_the_gamer - Yes, this patch works with the latest GOG Galaxy client.
Sweet. Thank you for reply.
cloaked: The Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch resolves many bugs, exploits, and balance issues from the 2.1 Patch. It includes the changes from Gearbox’s unfinished 2.205 Patch Preview, plus many additional improvements. It enhances singleplayer and multiplayer while respecting the look, sound, and feel of Relic's classics. Notably it fixes the 666 Formation Bug, the Cross Race Docking Bug, and is authored by the players who helped Gearbox balance Homeworld Remastered. It also features additional gameplay options including a campaign difficulty adjuster, UI/camera adjusters, dual command mode, observer mode, vast unit caps, and much more.

Gearbox's last patch was in 2016, so this is being released by the community for the players and fans. Credits: Gearbox, Cloaked, Fear, Trebic, NoOne, Echo, Stuart, QuadS, Kadeshi, and all the other contributors, testers, and players providing feedback. A full change list is here.

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I was just playing a multiplayer game against CPU. strikecraft and support only, bounties on, crates on. After my corvettes were estroyed, it did not reset the unit cap. I ended up having no corvettes on the field, yet unable to build more. the other unit caps were unaffected. I as playing as Vayger. Maybe fix this in the next build?
@0criterion0 - I haven't heard of that happening before and I'm unable to reproduce it. Perhaps it was a one off odd glitch.
cloaked: @Alex_the_gamer - Yes, this patch works with the latest GOG Galaxy client.
Hi cloaked. Just wanted to say this patch is great! My salvagers are much more responsive now! I wasn't able to grab Turanic Missile Corvettes before but now I can! Yaay! Many thanks! o7