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After downloading Homeworld Remastered I inmediately started searching mods that I used to play on HW2. I found some of them, specially the Gundam and the Galaxy one. I downloaded their big files, placed them were the instrucctions said, created the shortcut and changed it adding -mod whatever. All I get is a message window saying "General error" in several languages.
So if anyone managed to get a mod running on his version, please tell how.
The only mods that work with HW Remastered are those on Steam Workshop, which obviously only work with the Steam version. There are no mods available for the version at this time, though I suspect that this will be fixed in the future (maybe through Nexus Mods providing a home for them).

EDIT: There are a few mods for HW Remastered on Mod DB, but be aware that you have to manually install them as there is no Mod Manager for HWRM.
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I tried the mods from Moddb. As I said, I can't get them to run, at least the ones with "released" status.
Chances are, most mods haven't been updated for 2.x yet.