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+1 month no news - i am sad about this :(
Hey eh...

It is over half a year later. Where is that patch? I would like to know if BBI abandoned the game here or if GoG is at fault. According to Blackbird Interactive (quoting the forums):

> "They were responsible for all development on the GoG client in conjunction with Gearbox">
> When I say this, I mean we were not involved with the process of developing the GoG client for DoK. It was a
> collaboration between Gearbox and GoG directly. To my knowledge all the development work was done in house
> by GoG using the source code provided by Gearbox. Any update will likely be made via the same process, and thus
> likely have a delayed implementation.
> I think it is likely to happen in time, but I am unable to make any promises as I can't speak for
> either Gearbox or GoG.
> Hope this helps answer at least some of your questions/concerns.

If that is true, it is pretty outrageous. As a loyal supporter and constant word-of-mouth advertiser for GoG, I honestly feel shocked. I suspect that offering to basically do the work in-house was a necessary evil to convince Gearbox to release the game here but part of that deal must have been to make sure patches are ported over.
I am not expecting a day-one port but over half a year is a bloody catastrophe, if it ever comes.

I strongly urge you to reconsider this stance, while I get that putting devs on this likely means a money-loss for you, loosing the trust and support of long-term customers will hurt even more.
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badbrain_: +1 month no news - i am sad about this :(
The patch is out as of June 11th 2018. Sorry for the delay everyone!
This is pretty great :-) Downloading.
Great News - Thanks!

Next time i hope this will be faster ;)
Thank you! That's great news and I'm really happy that v1.3.0 finally arrived at gog! Well done!
Better late than never, though I've already finished playing the steam version...
And I got all the DLC!!! Great job and customer service.
As bad as the delay was, thank you :)
You just have restored my faith in GoG :) thank you
Please provide the patch notes for every single patch. I cannot find them anywhere. And I have to say, it's crazy how long we have to wait for patches on the GOG platform. Something must be done to expedite the patching process.