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I don't agree with the first screen saying that Controller is reccomended or better in any way.
For me it feels way better to play with K+M.

So everything works fine, except the mouse buttons.

I have "Left mouse button" for Attack
and "Right mouse button" for Special/healing

The problem is that whenever I start the game again, these 2 buttons are not working anymore. I then have to go to the mapping menu again and rebind them (even though they are still marked as correctly mapped).

Shouldn't be too hard to fix for the devs.

In fact you only need to call the binding menu for the setting to work (no need to rebind the keys again) but yes, when starting the game the key rebindings are not set before you do this. In addition to this: I really appreciate that the devs finally added the possibility to rebind mouse buttons as well. However I have a 5 button mouse and even though it is in fact possible to rebind my fourth and fifth mouse button it is not stored at all when leaving the game (it's also not shown in the rebinding menu - it says empty but works fine until you are leaving the game).
Post edited November 10, 2017 by MarkoH01