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I just got the game from GOG and quite simply the in game maps aren't showing up properly.
I've tried tweaking the settings but nothing seems to work in any way. even different resolutions and colour settings didn't help at all. Only at certain angles from gaming view does the map display properly, and at very limited angles. Any other time though parts of the map don't seem to display properly. I can still walk on them and interact with different terrains normally. It just disappears from sight. I have a windows 8.1 OS and my display adaptor is Nvidia Geforce GTX745. Does anyone know a way of fixing this problem so that I can play it.
It says right there on the game page that the game is supported only for XP, Vista and 7. Win 8+ is not supported, so I guess "buyer beware", ya need to pay attention to "Works on" section. I bought it the very same day it was released, and then realized that the game doesn't work, cause my rig runs Win 8.1.

Sux to be us, eh?