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I've put together Wine wrappers for Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman 3: Contracts, Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution, allowing them to be played on Linux almost like native games & with no Wine knowledge required.

Simply run the build script to create the wrapper. If the installer files are not alongside the wrapper build files then the path to them will need to be specified either by passing it as an argument to the build script with -respath="<path>" or by setting an environment variable named WINEWRAP_RESPATH containing it. You can change the path to build the wrapper in and the name of the wrapper directory with the -buildpath= and -dirname= arguments. The build path can also be set with the WINEWRAP_BUILDPATH environment variable.

The output will be a directory containing the game set up within a preconfigured Wine prefix, along with its own copy of Wine, extracted game icons, documentation, and start script(s). From there simply run the start script to play. The start script also includes options for creating a shortcut, configuring the wrapper etc.

(to uninstall simply delete the game directory and any shortcuts you created, and the game's user data directory in ~/.local/share if you don't want to keep your saves & settings)

User saves are stored under ~/.local/share/hitman, ~/.local/share/hitman2, ~/.local/share/hitman3, ~/.local/share/hitman_blood_money and ~/.local/share/hitman_absolution

Full details are in the readme.txt and release notes. Here are the download links:

(38.8 kB, SHA256: fc9491d1b188d0a6eac876327d2f6b1e9b654f5aed89b7c0514a7317dd6b25d0)

(418.8 kB, SHA256: eb91a147a5af64578940f547ef9350e3bc14230e37e53d18c5a0110f21cdfebd)

(36.8 kB, SHA256: bb369ebef580201f9eb5d4ab34a2969b139714c061712c4d0a56858af1adb61a)

(36.8 kB, SHA256: bb369ebef580201f9eb5d4ab34a2969b139714c061712c4d0a56858af1adb61a)

(37.7 kB, SHA256: fb5e39dc3286124d780e17f373e8de213a99001e58505ea10bd5334116a05d09)

Last updated 2021/07/11

The wrappers use Wine 6.0 (Wine Staging 4.10 and DXVK for Hitman: Absolution). Wine and Winetricks will be downloaded automatically if not present; to avoid redownloading for other scripts the downloaded Wine package will be stored in ~/.cache/winewrap (in addition, the wrapper for Hitman: Codename 47 will need to download the DirectX Feb2010 redistributable to obtain some required components. This will be stored in ~/.cache/winetricks/directx9)

The first 3 games all have widescreen support; in the case of Hitman 2 & 3 via Nemesis2000's fixes (I could not get his fix working for the first game without either having the game speed become extremely fast or other performance issues, so the alternative method of editing Hitman.ini & setting borderless windowed mode is used for that instead).

I've only played through the start of the games so far so I can't rule out issues later on, but they all appear to run great & other reports indicate that they should run fine. However if anyone does run into any problems then post in this thread, Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion and/or The "Judas&trade; does this run in Wine" thread v1.173.

For more of my Linux Wine wrappers check out post 3 in this thread: Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion
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Wrappers are now available for Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution :)

They seem to work well enough, but as these games only just released here today they haven't had much testing - please report any issues you find.
Dude, thank you so much for this! I bought Blood Money today, and couldn't get the GOG installer to run under proton or anything like that. After some intense googling, I eventually stumbled upon your wrapper, and while I haven't had time to thoroughly test the game or anything like that, I can confirm that I was able to run the script and get to the main menu of the game on Linux Mint 19.1. This is so awesome!
Hi, could someone please post benchmark results on medium, ultra, and high in Absolution? (Start the launcher, go to options, quality, set quality level, start benchmark, post average fps).

Also, adamhm, which version of Wine did you use for Absolution? Any DLL overrides? (EDIT: Sorry, I just realize you mentioned it's 4.0, I didn't read your post properly the first time)

So I got AMD RX480 & Ryzen 7 1800X, 1920x1200:

19 fps on ultra, 19 on high, 23 on medium. That is not good at all :(

EDIT: 50 fps on medium with dxvk 1.0.3, although there was some nasty nasty stutter at the beginning. I hope that was just loading resources / compiling shaders on the fly.

Anyway, I think I'm going to see if upgrading my system would help things further (so far I'm kinda running behind the versions recommended by dxvk).

EDIT: Still around 50 fps, whether on medium or ultra. Oh well, I guess that's tolerable.
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50 is tolerable, 19 is unplayable.
Yea, it's tolerable. It'd be more so if we had freesync support and I had a freesync monitor.

I think the benchmark is actually a little more demanding than most areas in game so it plays pretty well with my current setup, although I do get a little bit of stutter at times.

EDIT: I did play through the game without any real real issues. Although the inventory screen is a bit weird, there are places for what seem like where icons of different items would go but I don't really see items. I didn't like the game much though.
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