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Ba7oU: I tried to play Hitman 2 in 1080p but it's nearly impossible. Framerate drops a lot.
What hardware do you have? I played it in full HD on a laptop with a GeForce 9600 and it ran perfectly (even too fast without the 100% CPU stress on startup). Also: did you make sure to use Direct 3D as the renderer? As mentioned above, the game has issues in OpenGL mode which wasn't ever finished.
My hardware isn't the problem (Q6600 3,4GHz & 570GTX).
I changed it to windowed mode with 1366x768 (my desktop res) and I can't see the bottom part of the screen anymore. Is there any way for me to fix this?
I was quite surprised that the GOG version of Hitman1 STILL requires manual modification of the cpu affinity. ask me, the game should be patched to run on a single core by default - there are absolutely no benefits of running the game on multiple cores, in fact, doing so can lead to a number of strange issues, like physics bugs, flawed performance, and timing problems.

no issue for more experienced users, but I can imagine this can be a source of major frustration for the less tech savvy.
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Hey F4llout, thank you for this guide.

Anyway, I have to explain something about widescreen in Hitman: Codename 47 (I cannot say anything about Hitman 2).

Yeah, you can play in 1920x1080 or wathever you want, but the game does not resize the image correctly, the process he does is like a bad film restoration company, that makes a 4:3 Film (1.22/33.1 aspect ratio) looks panoramic (16:9, 1.85.1, 2.22.1..,). You can play it on widescreen, of course, but your image will be cuted, no extended.

Heres is a comparison:


The is no a 16:9 comparison, but... well. its WORSE.

And this is how I'm playing right now on my PC:
1440x1080 (4:3 resolution on HD)
Anyway, as you see, it's not very goodloking, and UI seems pretty small sometimes, maybe the best choice is to run the game on its default resolution, with no scaling (and vertical black lines, instead of desktop).

PS: By the way, no, I have not my task tab at the left, it is only when I playing hitman.
Nice_Boat: Anyway, as you see, it's not very goodloking, and UI seems pretty small sometimes, maybe the best choice is to run the game on its default resolution, with no scaling (and vertical black lines, instead of desktop).
Yeah, I noticed that the image gets cut in a manner that harms the FOV settings but well, I'd say it's up to the user to decide whether it suits him. And I can't say that the widescreen support is broken or anything since even a fair amount of newer games does similar things (IIRC BioShock and Far Cry 2 do so - or at least did so before some patches). At least you get a sharp and unstretched image that fills the whole screen, so it's the best option for people who insist on playing without black borders. But I probably should mention this in my guide so thanks for the input. Also I may take a look at some files of the game to see whether the FOV settings can be fixed manually, perhaps with a Hex editor or something.

As for the tiny UI - again, it's something that many games (especially older ones) do when playing with a high resolution. Depending on the size of your screen you should indeed consider switching to a smaller resolution. However, the good thing is that HUD elements are always properly aligned (they remain in the correct spots on the screen) which often isn't the case with games this old so personally I'm satisfied with Hitman's widescreen capabilities. But as I said, I may add some comments on this to the guide and see whether there are some ways of improving the FOV. I doubt that there's a way to increase the size of the HUD elements though since the tools necessary for that kind of modification aren't available for the game.
I've done everything suggested in this thread and I'm still having a problem. The game randomly slows down and sometimes completely stops like 47 is supposed to be falling or something. I was playing The Death of Hannelore and I wasn't able to finish the mission. I tried the front door and the sewers and I couldn't leave. I would freeze up when I would get close to the exit areas. I have tried everything I know to do so can someone help me out?
Hitman 2:SA
Widescreen fix for 1366*768 res

First, open Hitman2.ini (with notepad) in your hitman 2 folder
make sure it looks like this :

SoundDll SoundEngine.dll
ScriptDll SDL_Engine.dll
ScriptIfDll ScriptInterfaces.dll
DrawDll Renderd3d.dll


AutoDumpName ScreenDump0000.jpg
ColorDepth 32
ErrorLog error.log

Antialias 8
ShadowDetail 2
TextureResolution 0
HeroControlMode 1
MouseSpeed 0.848789

SpeechVolume 100
MusicVolume 88
SoundEffectsVolume 100


UseEAX 1

Resolution 1366x768
DisableHWTnL 0
Window 1
EnableP5 0
NumSoundBuffers 16
DrawDistance 1.200000
LevelOfDetail 2
Subtitles 1
WeatherEffects 1
GammaValue 1.000000
DisableTrilinearFiltering 1
Anisotropy 1

Then Download this little software
Open it then, go to "File" "import ..."
add this file, that's the profile i've made for hitman 2 (it supports Enbseries/sweetfx etc)
Open Dxwnd, "File" "Hook" check "Start"
keep the software open and launch the game.
That trick worked for me (on steam).
I want to ask a question on behalf of a friend, regarding Codename 47
He has a modern system and his version of the game, once launched, greets him with an unresponsive black screen.
We've tried every tweak we could think of - fidgeting with Direct3D, OpenGL and even having downloaded NGlide to try and emulate 3DFX didn't work.
We also tried to change the core affinity (he has a quadcore ATI Radeon) so that the game only takes up 1 or 2 cores, but it doesn't work.

For the record, I don't think it's a system or DirectX issue because I have Windows 7 and DirectX 11 and my H1 works like a charm with no problems (and I also have a dualcore to boot), while his Vista SP2 (relatively the same thing) won't work.

It won't even spit out an error message; it's just a black screen.

We've also tried all the .ini fixes - along with running it windowed, setting up resolution and antialasing and what not.. No luck.

He tried both the Steam and the GoG version to no avail - both have the same problem for him.

Any further suggestions?
F4LL0UT: 1. Choose OpenGL rendering (only Hitman: Codename 47, skip this step for Hitman 2)
Hitman: Codename 47 supports three different renderers. The only one that makes sense on modern computers is OpenGL as Hitman's Direct3D mode causes a lot of crashes and occasional graphics corruption and 3Dfx is simply unsupported by any modern hardware. You may use the configuration tool or the ingame options to change the renderer but you may also edit the hitman.ini file located in your game folder. In case you wish to edit the ini-file:
There are several lines starting with the word "DrawDLL", only one of them does not start with two slashes ("/") - make sure it's the one saying "RenderOpenGL.dll".

Let's say I play Codename 47 on a retro PC with Windows 98 and a real 3DFX Voodoo or Voodoo 2. Would glide render be the best option?
Mau1wurf1977: Let's say I play Codename 47 on a retro PC with Windows 98 and a real 3DFX Voodoo or Voodoo 2. Would glide render be the best option?
Yeah, if you actually use a Voodoo you should - as far as I can tell - definitely pick Glide.
Im having problems getting Hitman: Contracts to run in 1920x1080 without the screen stretching. Any advice? On windows 8 if that makes a difference.
Modern hardware with Windows 10 trying to make Hitman 2 SA to work on my machine. Followed the guide here by changing to windowed mode and setting a widescreen resolution using D3D (openGL has a bug with black characters).

The usual problem is the cutscenes (only audio) and some speed related issues. Since it isn't mentioned in the sticky to solve this you need to limit the FPS. I have an nvidia card so I used nvidia inspector to limit to 60fps.

Hope this helps, i didn't encounter any problem (im in 4rth mission) whatsover. Cutscenes work fine.
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I'd like to add that this game's (Codename 47) speech/voice did not work with my USB headset. The music and some sounds would play, but not the voices/speech. I plugged in some headphones I had laying around to my on-board sound and it worked!
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There are correct FOV widescreen patches here for H1 and H2, which include optional LOD tweaks. There are no letter boxes on the Hitman 2 patch.

This guy is using a Dx8-9 converter. The fix on the Steam forum uses the same tool, but did not correct for FOV.

edit - I cannot post links, well what do I expect from the guys who shut down their business as a publicity stunt? See if it accepts the above