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I managed to get 1.2 patch working with GOG install and as bonus repaired wingman command voices (that shift/ctrl + 1/2/3/4)

Seems GOG release is based on some strange old version.

Just unpack and copy to your GOG Hind install. Patch readme included.

Post edited February 07, 2017 by ataribaby
Thanks for that =)
Awesome! Thanks.

I remember the game being a bit hard, especially the WSO a bit lazy in switching targets...
I installed this 1.2 patch and apparently all was working as intended. New voices etc. For testin' I ran the first tutorial Hind conversion and it ran well. When finished the mission I noticed that the mission had dissapeared from the list with a glitch. The voices from the briefings are all of them misplaced. I mean, with the first tutorial vanished now the voices spoken in each mission are the voices from the previous mission.

I decided to uninstall that 1.2 patch and now the first tutorial mission does appear in the list but it crashes to desktop when it is selected even after verifying the files through galaxy, the rest seem to work fine.

Annoying patch. I´ll try to reinstall from scratch. Now I see why the developers or gog decided not to add this patch in the installer.
How bout getting a Seitek X-55 HOTAS and thurstmaster pedals to work in game?