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I don't know if the devs ever read the forums here but Chapter 7 is missing its cover in Galaxy 2.0.

All the other chapters have nice, fitting covers but Chapter 7 is missing it. I assume this is a mistake because the chapter already has the right icon and background.

Update: The cover has now been fixed.
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I would also like to see this fixed if at all possible, my OCD cries everytime I see it.
I imagine this is something GOG support could fix, if they care. So, please, send a message to support (preferrably with a screenshot to demonstrate the issue). I would do it myself but I don't use galaxy.
Post edited July 01, 2020 by Dreamia
This appears to have been fixed sometime recently.

EDIT: Oh, whoops. I didn't notice the edit in the OP that already mentioned this.
gog_cover.png (344 Kb)
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