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"GET TO THE CHOPPA!" - 'Dutch', Predator (Movie, 1987)

Together with developer Solar Powered Games we are inviting you to the end of the society as today, our survival-crafting RPG Highrisers is officially launched here on GOG.

In Highrisers, players find themselves in an apocalyptic city-scape where the streets are filled with swarms of “Dreamers,” humans afflicted with a mysterious prion disease that has left them trapped in an eternal dream.
What remains of humanity has staked out the top floors of these towering structures as their last stand against the hordes of hungry sleepwalkers, but must take regular trips to the dangerous bottom floors to hunt for supplies and scrounge for crucial crafting materials — including spare parts for a helicopter that might just be their last chance at finally escaping the terror.

Players will hop into the boots of four survivors, each with their own unique abilities.
Whether the plucky young Jes with her affinity for tech, or the mechanic Ike and his handy ability to repair machines, each character offers a different personality, a deep skill tree, and an individual approach to survival.
They’ll need every bit of skill and grit when they descend to the treacherous lower floors to scavenge for supplies. Food, spare parts, tools, and weapon materials are all ripe for the taking — if our bold wasteland warriors can avoid the roaming gangs of dreamers who lurk below the sun line.
Of course, merely surviving the night is only the first step, and in order to truly escape this city of dreamers, players will need to repair the HC-27 helicopter to escape, transport more goods, and fly to safer shores — or rooftops.

Check out the Highrisers launch trailer below:

Features of Highrisers:
- Research, Scavenge, Craft: Gain the knowledge needed to craft the right supplies, and head down into the darkness below to get them. From clubs to crossbows and tools to medicine, everything you need to survive the night is just a few floors away — just watch out for the locals, they’re not super friendly.
- This Building Was Different Last Time: Procedurally generated skyscrapers ensure a fresh experience each trip, but also forces your survivors to stay on their toes as they hunt for supplies in an ever-changing and always dangerous environment
- Build Your Skills, Not Your Resume: Each character features a deep and robust skill tree that unlocks new recipes, perks, and abilities
- We Are Like the Dreamer who Dreams: The savage somnambulators that wander the lower floors are not to be trifled with; you’ll need all your wits and tools to lure them, fight them, immobilize them, hide from them, deter them and stall them until the survivors get those precious spare parts to fix the helicopter and live to see another day!

Get Highrisers with a 15% off launch-discount here on GOG now!