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I just started H&D 1 again since the last time I played was a few years ago and I immediately noticed some oddity with the mouse, it feels like it's following a grid pattern, if I move the mouse quickly it works okay (except that I can't hit anything due to not being able to aim lol) but if I don't then the cursor ingame is very sluggish. It feels like it only recognises half of my mouse movements and as I said, on a grid pattern, I have to move the crosshair up, then left, then up, then left etc. And sometimes it goes way overboard and I aim much further than I wanted. Due to this the game is pretty much unplayable as I can't hit a thing and I can't remember it being this way back when I played it last. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

As a small aside, when I managed to complete the first mission in spite of this (getting my sniper KIA) it said I had killed 68 enemies, guess some of those Germans on the bridge was worth more than one man.
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Did you ever fix this?

I bought this game on sale but had it refunded because of this exact issue.