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harrisonpink: I like the PoL ones far better if only because the originals are very MIDI sounding. The vocals are usually pretty equal between the two tracks, but the originals are SO synthy and fake sounding compared to the PoL, at least to my ear.

I gotta agree on that statement harrison :-)
How about a Win95 version of HOMM2, so it can be multiplayered more easily and has long file name support, and even customizable music (like HOMM3 has) for that unique next generation of ultimate good old games such as Heroes of Might and Magic II. =)
If you can get the Win95 music working in XP, Vista and 7 as in this post: "", I reckon you've got a whole lot of new HOMM2 purchases right there. Plus, I think going the extra mile for this classic game will only pay dividends for the site as a whole, as it is one of only about 10 five-star GOG games, and they deserve that little bit of extra love! :-)
So guys, what do you think?
Best regards,
Anyone else who tried to follow Wishbone's advice, have you had this problem?
When I go to mount the homm2.cue file into Daemon Tools, I get a message saying "Cannot mount-File not accessable" (or somewhere along those lines). If so, how did you work around it?