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Hi guys,

We have cleaned up, re-tagged, and generally spruced up the soundtracks for Heroes 2 through 5 and Heroes Chronicles.

Let us know if you like them or if there's anything we can do to make them even better :D
Post edited June 25, 2013 by JudasIscariot
Crosmando: Awesome.
Does that include Heroes Chronicles or is that the same as before?
Yes it does. I'll edit the OP.
Animeman73: I have a question this soundtrack update. Does this mean you put into Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold the soundtracks with Opera singers singing? Because If you've got that in Heroes Ii Gold I'll buy it from you guys.
HoMM2 can be played with either Succession Wars or Price of Loyalty tracks, both are included in game folder.
JudasIscariot: Let us know if you like them or if there's anything we can do to make them even better :D
blind3rdeye: There's a slight glitch in the Succession Wars music for the warlock castle (which is a shame, because that's my favourite of the town musics).

The file is: "/HoMM 2 Gold/MUSIC/sw/homm2_05.ogg"
The glitch is at 0:30. It's just a slight corruption sound which is obviously not meant to be there. So if possible, please re-rip that track to fix the glitch.

(It would probably be a good if someone else could confirm that the glitch exists and isn't just some problem on my computer.)

Could I ask you to send in a ticket to our Support team about this? :)