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Hi guys,

We have uploaded the Windows version of Heroes of Might and Magic 2: Gold and added it as an extra. Please enjoy this fine download from us here at! :D

Please note that HoMM 2 Gold (Windows) is being offered the same way as the Carmageddon Windows 95 patch: it may or may not work just right with every configuration but we'd wanted to offer you, the community, the choice between the 2 versions (DOSBox or Windows) and play the one that works best for YOU :D.
CRW: Extra cool. Just two questions:
1. What about CD-Audio support? Will it work or are we going to be stuck with MIDI?
2. 2 months ago I logged a ticket with updated CD-Audio music files. Some lady replied it will be passed to the contents team, but nothing changed since then.
CDAudio is working and proper version of soundtrack has been included (PoL).
mistermumbles: Suffice it to say all that sprite work doesn't look all that pretty when stretched.
You can change scaling methods under your GPU settings (Nvidia / ATI / Intel ) check 'keep aspect ratio' and that should help.
unless... are you on Windows 8?
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mistermumbles: Yes, I'm using Win 8
Then, I'm sorry to say, this will not work for you.
There is no 'fullscreen' on Win8, what you see is just a maximized borderless window. That's because HoMM2 runs in 16bit color mode, and Win8 no longer supports it. That's the main reason this version is provided with only partial support.
mistermumbles: Thanks for the info though. I wasn't sure what exactly changed in Win8, so now I know. Though I wonder: how come a game like King of Dragon Pass runs without a hitch in fullscreen in comparison? It certainly doesn't look like 32bit.
Win8 can 'emulate' 16bit mode, and in some titles it works quite well. In others - not so much or not at all :)
It's not only palette, as you said there is also ddraw and..., well, let's say it's not my favorite OS to work with, especially when ensuring games' compatibility :)
HappySakuraDrago: This is excellent and works nicely. Thank you! (However, as an old HOMAM2 fan I would like to see the Succession Wars being added on soon if possible. That would make me happy)
It's already in there :D
Thiev: Then, I'm sorry to say, this will not work for you.
RafaelLopez: It's working full screen and non-stretched on my end. I'm on Windows 8 64 bit laptop. See below.
See what?