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Here's a shortlist of what it adds - and this is on top of the two expansions (Armageddon's Blade and Shadow of Death):
script language for Event Related Model *ERM* that lets you change the function of any object on a map;
new Heroes' specialities;
new Monsters;
new unique creatures - God representatives;
new artifacts;
new dwellings;
new objects of different nature;
new decorations;
new unique animated decorations;
ability to change a view of the map during the game (for example season changes);
ability to set a custom hero' s portrait;
ability to incorporate customisable dialogue for maps;
ability to incorporate new pictures and videos for maps;
There's also a new resource - Mithril - which you can use to specially upgrade units, buildings and what have you.
New 8th-level units, as well as the Commander unit which every hero has. Commander units have special skills of their own and they level up just like your Hero.
There's a boatload of changes, but I'll just share with you one more. Every Freelancer's Guild has now been upgraded, to the point where you can hire a band of wandering armies to chase after an enemy hero!
On top of that, you have the freaky new campaigns that come with WoG - be careful, they're very VERY wierd. In any case, it's a wonderful expansion and it NEEDS to be included with the HOMM3 pack when it comes out. Something this good should be preserved.
That all sounds really good but main question is how well balanced is it all?
Ralackk: That all sounds really good but main question is how well balanced is it all?

Well balanced. You can also turn on and off any of the features you like when you start a game.
It's also worth pointing out that a lot of the weaker skills and artifacts have been rebalanced to be more useful.
Think I will grab it then, already have Heroes 3 complete on disc. Thanks for the heads up.
I absolutely agree, anyone who liked Heroes 3 should get WoG! It's one of the best mods I've seen for ANY game. It even tweaks the AI, making it more fun to play against.
(If anybody's interested in a review I wrote for it on an other site, you can find it here.)
Can the mods sticky this one?..
Very interesting; never heard of it. Will be sure to get it as soon as I can buy HOMM3 from GOG (I KNEW there was a reason why I constantly delayed purchasing a retail copy of the Complete box ;).
I still play HoMM3 quite often, with WoG once in a while. Someone helps me, I m too addicted to this game.
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Bumping for sticky justice!
I think if it ever gets stickied, that will only happen once H3 Gold is out.
bumping for sticky!
With WoG installed, can you still play vanilla H3 scenarios/campaigns? Or does WoG overwrite some game files?
I'm trying this. Thanks for the info.
Huh, i think i'll have to use my free-game coupon for HoMM III complete if I want to try WoG, since I don't have the Shadow of Death Expansion...