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Hail to the old hammerwatch!
Just tryed this game after playing several original Hammerwatch campaigns and I have to agree :-)
be great if controls weren't shitty
With all the late-stage nerfs, I'm regretting even getting this game! I hate it when devs nerf the game a year or so after release!
Post edited June 20, 2019 by takezodunmer2005
the worst thing there is that old hammerwatch had local coop (and even direct ip, if Im not mistaken). If only they didnt REPLACE it, but added galaxy/steam-powered multiplayer as another option...
Be a great game if the developers werent douches...

I have better things to do in my lifetime than getting
punished for playing a videogame in a casual and
enjoying way.

Post edited November 22, 2019 by incubuzz1978