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Anyone want to help me work out the bugs with the 'Rise of Sols' mod, seeing as how version 3.7 never saw the light of day?

There are a few noteworthy bugs out there that make the mod extremely difficult to play:

• Necromancers dying off because of a hidden food consumption attribute for the undead (no luck finding the source of the problem yet)

• Slaves for the Sols wandering off on strange paths when you order them to garrison the barracks (I have been able to shorten the strange pathing, so I think I know what to do to fix this)

• Neutral creature camps converted by Heroes will not instantly become allied with you. Only the newly spawned creatures are allied with you. Furthermore, some creatures (harpy-like things and Orc Boar Riders) will always spawn as hostile creatures.

In order to edit the Rise of Sols mod, you need to download the GSC tools from the Rise of Sols webpage. Help would be appreciated.