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high rated
NON-SPOILER tips for those playing Her Story:

1. If you encounter a reference to something historical or real-world, it's likely a real thing. wikipedia may yield significant insights.
2. You're gonna want a pad of paper to take notes.
3. This makes for a great co-op game, as you can share thoughts and ideas for search terms to follow, and bounce theories off of one another.
4. Subtitles are your friend. It really helps reenforce the semantic underpinnings of the game mechanics (i.e. coming up with the next search terms you want to use)
5. the "metadata" on the videos is not all superfluous-- some clues to the mystery are related to the date/time stamps in the corner
6. The database checker is sort of a progress meter/map. As you watch videos, it will fill in a box for every clip. The yellow box is the most recent video that you watched (you may have to press REFRESH after viewing a video to update the display if you have kept the DB checker open)
7. If you click on a video while it is playing, you get a progress bar that you can use to skip ahead or back within the clip, and a big X that lets you close it (helpful if you accidentally load a longer clip you've seen 100 times already)