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Changelog for Closed Beta 2 update (added 01 February 2018):

* Contains new environment (Sewers)
* Contains new characters and new boss fight
* Added new permanent powerups of the Transformations
* Added Resurrection after Challenge
* Added Closing Rooms to improve the challenge
* Improved Transformations powers, skills and balance
* Improved Weapons
* Improved the orientation and moved the Teleports into the final room for easier navigation
* Improved Tutorial, onboarding
* Reworked Looting and Drop system
* Significant GUI improvements
* Added new music and sounds, improved existing sounds
* Improved balance
* And many more improvements and bugs
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 05 March 2018):

Bug fixes:

* Updated Localizations
* Solved problem with Chinese language
* Fixed problem when Carpet Eater can be shot outside of the room
* Fixed issue when sometimes the enemies could not move after exploding barrel
* Fixed use of primary attacks at the beginning of the fight for Modular Boss FIghts that are capable to attack during the movement
* Fixed problem when switching to the dead Transformation
* Improved ending scene
* Minor UI fixes


* Slowed down combat speed for Knight boss form
* Fixed too long duration when switching from messenger ability to other ability
* Demonspawn main attack and secondary attack rebalanced
* Final Boss improvement


* New sound effects added and existing improved
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 06 March 2018):

* Fixed Achievements which were impossible to complete
* Fixed random not-responding UI when talking to Eye of Ka-ra
* Minor UI fixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 16 March 2018):

* Fixed Achievements which were impossible to complete
* Improve loading screens
* Minor UI fixes
* Fix for bug where transformation dies and is returned into challenge pool and after secondary win in challenge the transformation has 0HP;
* Fixed bug where player remains locked after interaction with eye of Ka-Ra when not all ordinary forms are unlocked;
* Fixed bug to restore unforms.dat file with default forms when user accidentally deletes unforms.dat file;
* Fixed bug in GamestateManager to correctly Set GameState when player is in Final Boss Arena;
* Fixed too long pause between ability uses when Messenger ability is used;
* Changed projectile speed for Uncertain ability;
* Fixed wrong initial weapon use when modular boss is allowed to "attackWhileMoving";
* Changed Knight and Goblin Gamer speed;
* Fixed Carpet Eater being shot out of the room during transformation to and from Saw mode;
* Added Player debuff effects
* Minor weapon changes (shotguns, rubbergun, grenade launcher damage)
* Fixed map icons not switching
* Changed final boss nukeLauncher ability
* Fixed bug when player become invincible and monsters are not attacking him after Hellmut base form is destroyed but player manages to transform into different form;
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Changelog for Patch 1.3 (added 10 July 2018):

New Party Mode
* A new mode that tracks local runs with a seperate leaderboard. Can be used for tournaments or to see who is the best between your friends.

New Red Soulstones
* These are exactly like the Blue Soulstones, except when you die, you don’t lose them! Red Soulstones are persistent throughout your gameplays. They are capped at 50.

New Death Graves
* When you start a new run, there is a chance that you’ll come across a crossed grave (no pun intended). You can hover over these, press the Use button, and collect a percentage of your lost coins from your previous run.

Interactive Barrels
* You are now able to pick up all barrels while next to them. Simply press the Use button, aim, and fire! Hurl them towards demons and watch as they explode and do all the hard work for you!
* New Nuclear Barrel. Be careful though. With great power, comes great explosions (and radiation).

Updated Transformation Wheel
* The Transformation Wheel will now show the health of your mutants.
* Better controls when navigating the wheel.

Updated Start Room
* The Start Room has been redesigned to be more consistent and intuitive.

Added Extra Effects
* Destruction particles have been improved, as well as some other tiny details.

Bug fixes
* Too many to type. It’s an ongoing process. We blame the demons…

Changelog for Patch 1.3.1 (added 10 July 2018):

We have released version 1.3.1. It fixes some issues, namely:

* Accidentally removed traps and minibosses from previous version
* Simplified some ingame interactions
* Updated Main Menu to allow more gameplay modes (upcoming :))
* Tutorial optional and accessible from Main Menu
* Increased HP of Gargoyle miniboss
* Fixed Giant Ear laser beam sometimes showing incorrect directions
* Fixed some issues with the final bossfight
* Fixed some sound effects
* Fixed issue with not saving Red Soulstones after leaving the game
* Fixed some minor issues

* Have fun and watch out for upcoming new gameplay mode and new minigame!
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.0 (added 08 August 2019):

* Local Coop Gauntlet mode for two players – play with your friend and challenge the incoming hordes
* Play the Tournament Party mode – who can survive longer on the party?
* Invaders from Hell minigame – play ancient coin-op arcade machine in the shop and defeat remorseless Invaders from Hell
* Pixel Gore – watch an insane level of gore
* Plenty of other improvements to boost the gameplay experience