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Again thanks for the patch, happy that even tho you guys are not replying to people here (that i can see) at lest you do seam to be listening.
About the patch, it did solved some problems to me, I still have audio problems and slow downs but now they accur less frequently and the game takes less time to return to normal, i also realized that where i'm having more slowdowns is when fighting, performance gets really down from smooth gameplay to almost "bullet time" speed, this also makes my sound break completely, with sound crackling all over the place, and the voice talking really slowly. It sounds (no pun intended) as if you guys have the audio conected to the game speed and when it slows the audio breaks.

Could it be my CPU?

Intel i7 860 2.8gz (OC) 3.06Gz
AMD R9 270X 2GB (GCN 1.0) latest AMD driver
8GB of RAM
Windows 10 X64

Game with everything at max settings, game runs really well untill fighting starts.
Post edited August 19, 2017 by Argoon