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I noticed that GOG's version of HoI 2 is in version 1.3a, and saw on the web some things about a patch 1.3b ( and [url=]here for example). And the patch seems to be here (but you must create an account on Paradox forum to be able to download it :/)[<- not needed anymore it seems].
I don't understand ^^" (I'm new to the game)
Is this normal that GOG hasn't it ? (or at least doesn't seems to) Is this a problem ?

Edit : I finally solved myself the problem with better reading more carefully the details I found. And into the first link, it's specified :
"1.3B AI update can be found HERE
Latest OFFICIAL Patch for HOI2 is Version 1.3A"

So 1.3A is the latest official update, 1.3B isn't official (even if it has been made by a part of the team : "Some of the team spent a few weeks finalising and upgrading the AI for you guys."), and that's why GOG isn't implementing it !

Sorry for the useless question and thread, but may be this info will help if one day someone is wondering the same thing ;)
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